What a time to be singing “Through It All”! 

From the headlines to worry lines on faces is etched a fearful unknown. But friend, there is a peace that passes all understanding, & it comes from a friendship with a loving God who will “never leave or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Through life, love, death; personal trial and personal joy, Jesus will hold you, carry you, love you, & lead you by the hand… yes, through it all you can trust Jesus! We believe He is coming again; that evil will receive it’s judgement/reward, and that love will win to reign forever!

Some look for the return of ‘normal’, but as other’s have so aptly said: ‘normal’ isn’t coming back – Jesus is! (Revelation 22:12).

Be encouraged by the messages in song, sing along and prayerfully put your trust in Him; through it all!